• Oz Nova

    Oz Nova

    Teaching Computer Science at Bradfield

  • Misha Byrne

    Misha Byrne

    Partner, NeuroPower Group | Faculty, Singularity University Portugal

  • John Band

    John Band

    Chris Kenny says that I'm one of the grown-ups. @band_john handles the for-money stuff. I speak for me alone.

  • Luke Craven

    Luke Craven

  • Zezan Tam

    Zezan Tam

    Writes haiku. Also, Product @ Redbubble.

  • Nic Mendoza-Jones

    Nic Mendoza-Jones

  • Yasmin Razavi

    Yasmin Razavi

    General Partner @SparkCapital, ex @IndexVentures @McKinsey, Engineer.

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